Creating digital experiences that make people's life simple

My name is Rolf Niesten and I help businesses to turn their ideas into successful digital products for mobile and web.

Need help with your digital project?


Meaningful digital products are the ones that put their users first. They offer delightful experiences, easy to use, beautiful to look at and provide outstanding value to its users.

UX & Product development

User-oriented mindset. Usability & wireframing are essential for every meaningful experience and product

Mobile Technology

Expertise in apps, (mobile) websites and web-apps. Ensuring your content is outstanding on any device

Project Management

Delivering successful projects
for mobile and web.. in time and within the budget

Digital Strategy

It's hard to think of a world without digital. But is your business ready for today's 'digital world'?

"making products for your customers is far more efficient than finding customers for your products” (Seth Godin)


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    HTP J-1 Visa Programs

    Website, private dashboard, mobile app
    Projectmanagement, wireframe, & prototype
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    Progressive web apps

    Web app (for mobile)
    Projectmanagement, wireframe,
    design & prototype
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    Mobile app
    Wireframe & prototype
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    Vraag Eva

    Mobile app
    Projectmanagement, wireframe & prototype
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    Mobile app (coming soon)
    Projectmanagement, wireframe & prototype


"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings." (

For 10 years I've helped companies like Milèstre, HTP-USA, TenCate, Clementine, Bridge72 (to name a few) with their digital projects such as websites, web-applications but most often mobile apps.

Creating intuïtive and clear digital (mobile) experiences is what I am passionate about. Combining customer-centric and agile product development techniques, a multi-disciplinary team and the right data we (you and I) are able to take up the business challenges and deliver digital products that are tailored to the user's needs.

I work as a freelance mobile & digital expert with UX knowledge. I can be added to your project team as a UX designer, project- or product manager, or as a (strategic) consultant. 

Become future-ready
Successfully transforming your business to a digital and mobile first company is difficult. You have to make decisions about technology, user interfaces, new trends like blockchain or internet-of-things, etc. you may have never heard of.
But no worries, there is no right solution, also not for your business. The only thing I recommend is to put digital and mobile on top of your agenda and just start.
Don't know how? Feel free to send me an email with your question.